Traveling to Italy

Traveling to Italy

Italy is a dream destination for most travelers. It is a very beautiful country to travel to, and there are quite a lot of tourists' attractions in this country. One may find various architectural sites to visit. Planning your trip to Italy and knowing beforehand what to expect is very important to avoid any disappointments.

Many world travel guides will tell you that Florence and Venice are among the most romantic places on the planet. In fact, these two Italian cities are an obvious choice for anyone planning a vacation in Italy. These cities in Italy are also high on the list of the best destinations for honeymooners. Wine regions, splendid natural beauty, canals, and gondolas lend a lovely touch to these cities of Italy. Some of the best and most innovative and secluded Italy hotels are located in Florence and Venice. No wonder so many honeymooners, including international celebrities head to these cities in Italy for a honeymoon to remember.

The Hotel Casci is located in a Fourteenth Century Palace. This hotel has been in business since 1926 and is proud to be the first hotel in Florence providing hot and cold water in all rooms. There are 24 rooms some of which are triples and quads. They even have two quints, rooms with a children's alcove. The hotel offers a buffet breakfast and does have a coffee shop. Their front desk runs 24/7 which is not the case of all the neighborhood hotels. The hotel address is Via Cavour 13, San Marco.

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria Sorrento, Italy

This hotel is located high on a cliff that overlooks the harbor in Sorrento. The hotel is actually three villas, each built in the 1800s. The hotel has been restored, but still maintains its original design. Ornate frescoes on the ceilings of a few suites and unique furniture give the hotel its unique beauty.There are two restaurants. One is a traditional dining room with a 19th century elegant style. The other is a terrace restaurant that has a tremendous view of the harbor. Guests staying during the summer months might get to dine by candlelight on the Vittoria Terrace as a small orchestra plays music. The hotel offers a private elevator, which transports guests to the harbor. Boats are also available for hire here.

Hotels in Italy are expensive as compared to the hotels in other places of Europe. Facilities in these are vary depending on the service they offer and also the hotel type and location. that is located in city center is likely to be highly priced as compared to one located in suburbs. These are some of the small things you can check if you do not want to spend too much money on accommodation during the trip. Research about the hotels properly on the web and read reviews, you are sure to find something that suits your requirements.